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Trixe Unfinished by sharpieboss
Trixe Unfinished
Never to be finished. I'm working on something for a friend, sorry about lack of updates.
I finished eating, but Galaxy is asleep. Time to post secret blogs! Shhh, nobody tell her!

I went to see Big Hero Six. It was fine. If you have kids (or you are younger), check it out! The movie is very imaginative, and the whole stargate / blade-runner vibe kept me interested, even while the plot jumped the shark. I think young people who haven't seen this kind of cool pulp-Tokyo fusion thing should see it, and it isn't bad, just predictable to a more seasoned sci-fi / moviegoer.

I really liked the audience reactions. All the kids cheered and awww'd when beta-max (I can't remember his real name) came on screen. Cute robot! Also the movie isn't HORRIBLY LOUD, like Interstellar was.

Oh, speaking of Interstellar, that was a better movie. If you don't mind crying (and you will cry a lot), it's a great flick! Honestly, you don't even need to be into sci-fi to enjoy it. Incidentally, Interstellar has more likable robots. This was confirmed by a child.

Another fun fact: Interstellar is not entirely horrifying! It is intense in parts, but you aren't gonna scar any poor kids for life with it. Unless they really hate space.

So... see Interstellar? and Big Hero Six- I guess? Oh yes, and the whole reason I came on here was to talk about this new Annie Movie! Wow! I didn't know about this at all till I saw the trailer in theaters. It looks... well... strange? I want to see it! but I'm not sure if anyone else does. I loved the original, and the adaptation seems to retain the energy and style with some new updates to keep it culturally relevant (eg. Annie is Black not Irish), but I've got to ask, is Annie still culturally relevant? This is like seeing a dinosaur leaping around NY city. It is AWESOME for me, because I love dinosaurs and its nice to see one young and well, but will the straightforward story and (now played out) themes hold up in the modern day? And as a live action musical no less?

Eh, I don't really care. I'm in it for the songs:


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I'm pretty approachable, so If you'd like to discuss something just send me a note! Only please keep in mind I hate ellipse [...], so commit to those statements!

"I am a person with good qualities" - sharpieboss

"Everything I do is good, and I'm good at everything I do." - xHardwirex

"Aw... Sisters forever!" - General Grievous

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Thanks for the faves!
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your art is seriously amazing, I each piece is full of emotion, I can see how much you throw yourself into your work, I love it all. 
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Thank you so much for the watch! It really means a lot! Your art has really inspired me!
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I really like your style, it's full of emotion.
Like with each piece you're putting a part of yourself within it.

Keep up the good work ~
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My art is very personal to me, and I'm very glad you like it! I will try and not disappoint!
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You're pretty awesome.Star! 
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you gonna upload Travis's pony?
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OH GOSH <333 thanks for all the nice comments!! I'm all giddy and squeee. You're a huge inspiration!! <3
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omg can u draw my oc doing dirty things to apeljak becaus shes my favorit my oc is a red and black alicorn because im edgy
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